Alaskan Mountains

Ben Sergent V

Hi, I'm Ben

I'm a programmer, game developer, web designer, and computer engineering student at the University of Tennessee.

I've been coding since elementary school and plan to make a life of it. I'm currently working as a software and web developer at OSIsoft in Johnson City, TN for the next couple of semesters, then I'll be back at UTK to finish up my last year and a half for my bachelor's degree. After that, I may go for my master's if I'm still getting scholarships.

While in Johnson City, I've put quite a bit of effort into improving myself. I now bike 30 miles twice a week, play piano for a few hours each week, and spend the rest of my time at the ETSU Wesley Foundation in worship. When I'm not busy with all of that and work, I'm likely putting some development time into my personal projects. If you're interested in those, you can take a look over on my projects page.

Updated Oct. 16th, 2017