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Created by Sergent-Tech
Current Version: 0.7.8A

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Coal-ition (previously named Datura) is/will be an MMORPG based upon mining, crafting, trading, exploring, and fighting with early 1900s technology. Mining involves completely destructible terrain and realistic ore generation, ventilation, structuring, and refinery. Crafting deals with anything from simply lighting a torch to programming a machine in the programming language lua to produce certain goods. Coalitions are made up of players and may lay claim to prospective areas, battle over land rights, and set up shared bases. Players and coalitions may set up shop and affect the global economy made up of many towns which each have their own economy. This means that players can profit by buying goods at one town and traveling to another which is buying those goods for a higher price. An entire world full of rich lore is waiting to be explored on foot, by horse, by cart, or by ship. Ships may be built and customized. Every aspect of the player may also be customized from appearance to every skill and attribute. These skills and attributes lend themselves towards combat (PvP, PvE, and Coalition vs Coalition), but the combat is timing-based allowing for parries and counters make every fight intense and life-threatening despite any skill difference.


+STLauncher compatibility

+Multiplayer capabilities
+Full menus
+Login to Sergent-Tech accounts
+Start of inventory system
+Room system


Development Screenshots